A7III - Weather-Sealed Design?

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Re: A7III - Weather-Sealed Design?

Rol Lei Nut wrote:

RubberDials wrote:

You did: 'as long as it isn't left sitting in a puddle'...

"There will likely be no issues so long as you don't leave it sitting in a puddle on a garden table, which is what Imaging Resource did to the The A7rIII."

Explain to me how that can be understood by anybody - even the mentally enfeebled - as an exhortation to put a camera in a puddle? It says don't put your camera in a puddle. Like Imaging Resource did. Don't do it.

Your quote means that you think you can expose the camera to anything, as long as you don't leave it in a puddle.

he never said that, in fact he had a disclaimer of sorts inferring otherwise.

I'm not complaining or talking about the puddle, but about the implied 'anything else', meaning hard rain, salt spray and so on.

he stated "There will likely be no issues"

No it doesn't. My quote means exactly what it says it means, that the OP should have no trouble shooting with it the highlands.

No one is arguing that he'd have no trouble shooting in the rain. The problem is if the camera would still work a couple of days later.

that applies to all cameras... which is why he said "There will likely be no issues"

Have you ever been to the highlands? It's not the event horizon of a black hole, you know.

I've been to and trekked across the Highlands many times and in several seasons. And I'm not stupid enough to sacrifice very expensive cameras by not taking reasonable precautions.

exactly, it has nothing to do with any specific brand or camera.

stupid is taking any camera out in the rain, without a cover on it, because no manufacturer will warranty against water intrusion.

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