Using AI-AIS Lenses- Nikon D810

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Re: Using AI-AIS Lenses- Nikon D810

Michael Benveniste wrote:

I use AI and AI-s lenses with my D800 regularly. When viewed or printed at the same size, you’ll get better results with the D810 than you’re getting with the D600. When viewed as a 100% crop, the flaws and aberrations will be more visible. Relax, don’t worry, keep shooting, and enjoy.

i agree with Michael's judgment.

Actually i have all three of the AIS lenses you cite -- and used each one extensively in the film era -- and have shot them on both the d600 and the d810.  In  my case even the d600 was capable of showing the limitations of the 24 mm f2.8 and 35 mm f2 at an aperture wider than f5.6, but with the d810 you are getting a better image anyway.

Yes they get a bit softer out toward tbe corners with the wider apertures and, particularly with the 24mm, field curvature is a problem with closer subjects.   And you can clearly see it pixel peeping d180 files.  But how important is that reallly with MF subjects?

In absolute optical terms the only AIS lens that i have that really is match for the d810 is my 180 mm f2.8.  But when i am working slowly -- and particularly in b&w for some reason -- i often use all of them.

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