Be Happy: Give up on Perfectionism

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Be Happy: Give up on Perfectionism

I did a search on the term perfectionism in Google and got these leads:

If you're a professional, you don't need to read this, probably.  But for us enthusiasts, we can sometimes lose sight of the what can be joyful about photography, and get too obsessive about the equipment.  I see this in myself sometimes.

Photography "perfectionism" may take these forms:

1.  All my camera gear must be from the same manufacturer, so all lenses must be Sony if the body is Sony.  or I can only have Batis lenses, or i can only have Leica lenses, etc.

2. There can not be any discrepancies or operating glitches in the camera body.

3. I must have a minimum of 10, 15, 20 lenses - (insert any number you like :-))

4. If anybody dares to criticize my camera (body, system, manufacturer), i've got to defend it at all costs)

5. I must have the latest camera body manufactured by XXXXXX( sub in Sony, Canon, Nikon, etc.)

6. If my lens isn't high rated by DXO or (sub any reviewer you like), then it can't be any good)

7. Lens Optical Performance:  If any part of the focal plane is weak (god forbid "soft corners") especially at a wide open aperture, then the lens has to be gotten rid of - and a post must be made on dpr that all lenses of that model are weak in focusing - doesn't matter if the center of the lens is as sharp as a tack.

We humans have a relatively short time frame to live.  Enjoy it and enjoy those people around you while you can.   When i take a really good image, and hopefully print it and optimally hang it on a wall, I can recall most details surrounding that photograph - what the weather was like, technical details, what was going on, etc.  A few good pictures, a few good friends - what more does anyone need - except a rusty camera or two and perhaps one scratched lens.

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