Yes! Bring on the Pro mirrorless

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Yes! Bring on the Pro mirrorless

Isn't this the survey result DPR ran a year or two ago?

Fuji answered that call by bringing us the X-H1.

Fuji should be commended for that instead of being condemned.

I've been using the X-H1 for 10 days now and I love it. I've shot two soccer games, and a few gatherings and events. It's much better than the X-T2.

I came from X-Pro1 > X-E1 > X-E2 > X-T2. Before all that, I have the Nikon D3s.

Yes, the body is bigger and heavier, but at the same time, it is more comfortable to hold.

Got myself the Peak Design Slide Lite and I don't even feel that weight on my neck. I do have the vertical grip.

The grip design is just right. Notice that there is a bigger distance between the grip and the lens mount on the X-H1 than the Sony A7III. I held the A7RIII at the shop with a big f2.8 zoom, and my fingers got caught between the grip and the lens because of this narrow distance. It is just not comfortable to hold.

My red badge 16-55 f2.8 has plenty of room between the lens barrel and my fingers when I'm hold the X-H1.

I've no issue with the missing EC dial. Just use the rear wheel.

The battery issue is overblown. Don't you guys think Fuji hadn't thought about it? It is done to ensure compatibility than anything else. And depends on usage pattern, if you do sports with CH and CL modes, you can easily get over 800 shots with one battery. Carrying an extra battery is easy. I assume everyone carry a camera bag and surely you have items bigger or heavier than a battery??

Focusing on X-H1 is more sure footed and is faster in low light. Even though X-H1's PDAF pixels do not cover 93% of the sensor, I never have a problem shooting sports with it. D5 and 1DX do not have AF points covering the whole sensor. Does it stop sports photographers from shooting incredible images? I'm pretty sure the whiners have never even held this camera with their hands.

IBIS is just fantastic. The quiet shutter brings out the shutter bug in me. The shutter release button brings back the good old feeling of shooting with my D3s. So what's not to like?

If you want a smaller camera, there are X-T2, X-E3, and X-T20. I'm sure Fuji will bring IBIS to the entire line of cameras. It is just a matter of "when".

The full frame argument: yes, the A7III will have better low light capability. But this advantage won't be here for long. I think one year to two years tops. When Fuji put the organic sensor in their APS-C bodies, the DR and low light capability will be equal and perhaps even exceed that of a Sony FF sensor. The wider incident light angle will allow the design of smaller lenses too.

So Fuji is here to stay. And I'm glad that I've invested in their system.

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