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Why do moderators lock threads?

When we come to work and in just 15 hours we have some serious discussion and more not so serious discussion accompanied by an indeterminate number of face slaps and associated “ouches” in there somewhere we don’t have the time or inclination to wade through all “140” posts looking for naughty boys and girls.

It seems far better to call “lights out” and flip the power switch.  If this cuts the merriment in the middle of last drinks, then so be it.

But we sincerely wish that once a thread is in the “he said / she said” mode that the other cheek be turned and the argument left unfinished.

Too many of these threads will lose your hard argued posting of “nothing much new” if locking does not work and complete thread deletion becomes our only tool. So if a whole carefully constructed thread disappears it will be readily known that the party became rough and the moderators have had to send all the kiddies home no matter how well behavied and sensible many of them have been.

Therefore I am also talking to those who tend to start sensible threads on possible inflammatory topics as much as those that seem to delight in fanning the embers.  Of course these threads would be quiet and normal if nobody was pumping the bellows in the forge.

Moderation is not about taking sides but just keeping a forum a pleasant and informative place to post on.  Endless repeating “I am right and you are wrong” with “proofs” achieves no more than the first post on that subject.

So please lets give sensor size and all associated topics a bit of a rest for a while - it achieves nothing and no amount of argument will make a sensor size larger or, for that matter, smaller.

When it comes to sensor size who cares in the end which is best?  Does it suit the guy that owns it?  If yes then “happy days” - if not - then “move on” to greener pastures.

It all starts to read a bit like small man syndrome versus big man smugness.  This is not helpful at all.

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Tom Caldwell

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