In your opinion: what differentiates a "good" wedding photog from an "average" photog?

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Re: In your opinion: what differentiates a "good" wedding photog from an "average" photog?

MartinEA wrote:

Well as this is the pro forum I thought it was about business?

It can be but not always.

Yes you can get people to do the business for you. But as people don't tend to do that for free you will then have to do even better to pay them and so it goes on. Wedding photography is being squeezed hard.

The OP asked "what differentiates a "good" wedding photog from an "average" photog?"

The answer is hard nosed business skills.

Well, no.  It's not.  If you have ZERO skills as a photographer, I don't care if you have an MBA from Harvard, THAT want make you a better "photographer".

There are lots of good photographers out there that "used" to take great wedding photographs. But they failed at business. That is because business and doing this for money will always come before photographs and cameras.

But we can agree to disagree

You forget also that a lot of people don't OWN their own business.  Some photographers have second shooters, some hire freelancers to cover their overflow or as a representative of their business.  These people just get a paycheck.  Their business skill have nothing to do with images they produce.

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