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Here's a G1XM3 post

This is for plagen and any other forum members wanting more posts about the G1X3.

The photos are typical of what the G1X3 can do. I have been using it mainly for street and documentary style work over the last three months.

I was initially disappointed with the G1X3 because it is not as adventurous in specification and capability as I was hoping for.

However within its somewhat less than adventurous capability envelope it turns out to be a fine photo taking device.

AF is very reliable as is exposure apart from the little glitch mentioned below.

It is very suitable for candid, street and documentary style work and is responsive enough for moving children. It also has good enough image quality for landscape and other detail work, even when very large prints are required.

Indoor/low light use is reasonably well catered for if one stays at or near the wide end of the zoom range which is usually the case indoors anyway. I switch to Tv Mode and use low shutter speeds when appropriate.

The DPR review refers to not-so-good lens quality but my copy has a very good lens, sharp at all focal lengths right from the widest aperture. So maybe there is a sample variation issue there, as is the case with many other compact camera models from all makers.

Handling and operation are quite nice once one figures out how best to set up the controls. I put a little spot of clear epoxy resin on two of the buttons so I can more easily find them by feel. I also modified the pesky lens cap to make it easier to remove.

I don't much care for the center lock button on the Mode Dial either. OK it prevents accidental turning but it also adds an extra step to deliberate turning. As I frequently switch back and forth between Av, Tv and the C1, C2 positions this is an issue.

The only imaging negatives I experience with the G1X3 are

1. Quite prominent purple/green fringing in RAW files. This is mostly correctable in image editors such as Adobe Camera Raw, although sometimes gray fringing can result if the correction is too vigorous. The JPGs look OK.  See the link below for more discussion about this.

2. There is an odd little glitch in the auto ISO behaviour in P mode with [Rate of Change] at Standard. The ISO setting in bright light jumps from 100 to 800 and back for no reason I can see. I think Canon needs to fix this in a FW update. Exposure settings in Av and Tv Modes are more stable so I use those.

I am finding that if I just accept the camera for what it is not what I hoped it might be, it does a very good job in a wide variety of photographic conditions.

The price ? Get used to it folks. As production numbers fall the makers need to pull more margin from each unit.

You can read more about using and setting up the G1X3 on my Camera Ergonomics blog at the link below

There are 10 posts here, with plenty of reading. Just scroll down to the G1X3 links.


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