Orion with astrotracer miscalibration fix

Started Dec 10, 2017 | Discussions thread
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A 'miracle' occurred!

I had previously complained that my GPS unit worked exactly twice and thereafter I could never get even the basic calibration to succeed. And I tried dozens of times...

For another project (a Baker-Schmidt OTA discussed in the Astrophotography Talk forum), it would be very helpful if the astrotracer function worked for me. So I watched a youtube video where someone showed how to rotate the cam, put in a fresh battery, and imitated her motions exactly. To my amazement, each calibration succeeded on the first try!

So I left the GPS attached to my K-70 (but both devices turned off), waited until dark, turned them back on and took some snaps of orion between clouds that drifted by:

These are all with the Rokinon 135 mm f/2 lens. the first two are 10 seconds. Then I redid the calibration (both regular and precise) and took the rightmost, a 20 sec exposure. You should be able to see from that last image that there is a little trailing, but only a little.

So I have no idea why the calibration works now. Maybe the fresh battery?

I also noticed that the GPS position varied a bit for many images - is that normal?


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