18-55mm is not a sharp lens? (Test images inside)

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18-55mm is not a sharp lens? (Test images inside)

Hello Guys

I'm a new member here. Just registered a moment ago in fact but I've known this site for years already. I've read and watched ton of reviews for the fujinon 18-55mm Zoom lens and most people say that it's a great lens with nice sharpness + build quality.

So I went to get one for my own (second handed). It is a big disappointment for me. The lens turns out to be not as sharp as what've read in the review or checking on MTF chart.

I also have 35mm f1.4 which is my fav lens. So I decided to make a quick test. Please see test result below.

I shot both lenses with f5.6, SS 1/320, ISO200 at 35mm on the flat top table + 2s timer + OIS off for 18-55.

Full Image

Full image 18-55mm

Full image 35mm f1.4

Crop at Center

Center 18-55mm

Center 35mm f1.4

Crop at Rim


35mm f1.4

It's clear that 35mm f1.4 is much much better in term of sharpness than 18-55mm

My question are

1. Have you guys experienced this as well? Is it normal?

2. Or my 18-55mm has a defect and i should contact Fuji for a repair.

Flat view
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