In your opinion: what differentiates a "good" wedding photog from an "average" photog?

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Elite83 wrote:

Being around the forums for several years, I've found that everyone seems to have a slightly different perspective on who, and why they have certain "photography role models" (for lack of a better term).

I hear terms thrown around quite a bit about how so-and-so has "high quality" work, or that so-and-so has "poor quality" work, without much else context.

To a pro photographer,  what matters most is he/she a good business man/woman?  You can take great pics but if you can't get clients to pay for your services or not use a strong enough or clear enough contract, they won't be in business long

This thread isn't intended for anyone to promote their own work, or any specific photographers. Moreover, it is also not intended for anyone to bash others work.

Naturally, there are a lot of blatant mistakes when it comes to "bad quality" photos: over/under exposure, off-focus, bad framing, blown highlights etc. The question is broad, so specifically in the context of wedding/couples photos: what would cause you to determine whether their work was above-average, OK, or poor? Technical difficulty? Creativity? Share your thoughts.

Too many people look at the picture taking and gear side instead of the business running side. And it's the business running  side that makes new businesses fail

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