Sony executive predicts Nikon and Canon will go full-frame mirrorless within a year

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Re: Sony executive predicts Nikon and Canon will go full-frame mirrorless within a year

Rick Knepper wrote:

landscaper1 wrote:

Rick Knepper wrote:

Mirrorless has enjoyed a substantial acceptance among professionals using medium format.

Rick, that is an altogether different situation. I suspect it's simply due to the fact that OVF MF cameras are so darn heavy that mirrorless becomes almost a necessity if you have to shoot in MF. FF cameras are another matter where the weight savings are relatively small.

Based on my non-scientific observation, I think the reasons these professionals have adapted well to mirrorless MF are in order of importance:

1.) the potential for increased image quality (bear in mind many of these folks come from FF).

2.) Pricing

3.) Size and weight

4.) Excellent new lenses designed specifically for the 44x33 sensor and for mirrorless.

5.) Company reputation Hasselblad and Fuji creating this niche (Pentax didn't see the flood of users for the 645z b/c 1. it was huge 2. many of the lenses were legacy & 3. pentax isn't Pentax any longer.

6.) Lens adaptability along the same lines as Sony.

I'm 72 y.o. amateur with severe back pain, and yet I don't find the weight of my 5Div and 5Dsr objectionable.

I'm a young kid @ 66 but I have no issues with the 5DsR either or the Fuji GFX (both are nearly identical size and weight).

Yes of course. The Hasselblad XD1 is a beauty and very smart. Wonderful to hold. Intelligent menu system. Few buttons. Maybe not quite developed yet, maybe they released it too early. But it shows clealy what's possible with mirrorless if you think outside the DSLR box.

Fuji GTX is more like a  traditional DSLR with fake mirror hub.

I hope the coming Canon mirrorless FF will be more like the XD1 than the GTX. But that's not very likely I guess.

Anyway, as a 72 year old person that abandoned m43 for a heavy 5D2 I look forward to be to use my L lenses with a mirrorless body with better ergonomy than Sony provides.

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