Sony executive predicts Nikon and Canon will go full-frame mirrorless within a year

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Re: Sony executive predicts Nikon and Canon will go full-frame mirrorless within a year

The Fat Fish wrote:

Rick Knepper wrote:

The Fat Fish wrote:

There's no question mirrorless will be the next big focus for Canon and Nikon. Like it or not, mirrorless is the future. What I hope is Canon enter the market with full force.

No more 5DIV style video implementations, 6DII style releases or M50 style releases. Canon must enter the market with the aim of competing in both price and features. Sony, Fuji and Panasonic don't hold back and neither must Canon or Nikon.

I found it reassuring that Canon execs are going public with these declarations. No way to stuff the genie back into the bottle.

Now we can get down to the business of arguing about adapter vs built in mount.

If they go EF they will keep many current users. If they move to EF-M they’d have to release a lot of lenses early and some really good bodies. If not, there’s little stopping new buyers looking at other brands at the moment.

Canon are deeply reliant on those who are tied to their system with lenses. It’s whats allowed to release such underwhelming and outright dissapointing cameras of late as that’s people’s only option. When the mount is changed, that hold is gone.

Id like to see a new mount for this reason. It’ll give Canon the major kick they need. To date I only have 2 Canon lenses left as I have been slowly selling the rest in anticipation for their mirrorless.

I'm thinking of Olympus. They had the 4/3 dslrs, among them also pro-oriented bodies, and an excellent line of lenses, some of extremely high quality and also extremely expensive. Then they introduced the short-flange m4/3 mount and the Pen mirrorless cameras, aimed at amateurs who moved up from compacts. The m4/3 lenses were consumer grade from start. They believed more advanced photographers should stick to 4/3. But they didn't, they went elsewhere, because the 4/3 sensors were inferior compared to the competition. They introduced the E-M5 aimed at advanced amateurs with a new sensor which was a success and later the semi-pro E-M1 with on-sensor PDAF and an adapter for the 4/3 lenses. No updated DSLR, they went entirely mirrorless. 4/3 users felt abandoned but Olympus very unsentimentally stopped developing and producing 4/3 lenses and started developing a pro series of m4/3 lenses. Great success. Olympus camera division was saved thanks to that strategic decision.

Canon could make a similar decision. Go all mirrorless. Stop producing EF and EF-S lenses. Using the EF-M mount for both APS-C and FF. Provide the new mirrorless bodies with an adapter for all those who own EF lenses (and those who buy those that are still in stock). Then introduce new lenses of all kinds for the new mount, also high-quality L lenses.

Do they dare?

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