Thinking about moving from Fuji to Sony

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Re: Thinking about moving from Fuji to Sony

osv wrote:

hifimacianer wrote:

Stop your trolling, stay on-topic!

you stop trolling, and stay on-topic!

don't tell us ignorant irrelevant things like "I see millions of people being happy with APS-C, M4/3 or even phone cameras."

he didn't ask for m4/3 or phone cameras, you are off-topic and trolling, like you always do.

Where did I troll? Don‘t be so childish!

You know that I mentioned the popularity of other formats, to bring your „FF is the place to be“ monologue to the ground of reality. It‘s a fact, that there is a lot more to consider than just the format of the sensor.

And the OP mentioned that too!

His first sentence is, that he loves his X-T20, so the reasons I mentioned Not to switch to FF are valid!

wrong, you know nothing about sony or ff, and you can't admit that ff is the superior format.

You can‘t admit that mf is the superior format. So why don‘t you buy a medium format camera instead of a FF Sony?

Right, because there is more than just the Sensor!

And it‘s exactly the same with FF vs. APS-C vs. M4/3 vs. 1“ etc.pp.

I know that the new A7iii is a great camera that hits a sweet-Spot for many. But it‘s still not for everyone.

In the thread he also mentioned, that there is no reasonable priced 35mm in the Sony world,

wrong again, the samyang 35/2.8 lens is selling for $274:

The OP mentioned that! Blame him for it. He might had the Fuji 35/1.4 in his mind, when he said this. Or the 35/2.

and that he hopes that Fuji will bring it‘s IBIS to other series too!

his exact words were: "I'm thinking of moving to the Sony a6500"

stop lying about what people post.

You should read all of his posts in the thread. And you should learn to understand what you read.

“thinking of moving“ doesn‘t mean „I want to move“. He is collecting pros and cons, and in the thread he mentioned also things that could let him stay with his Fuji.

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