Wall hung Monitor or TV instead of Print for Wall Art?

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Re: Need a "tech treatise"

RUcrAZ wrote:

Some comments...

1) At a typical $0.11 per KWh that's (only) about $96/year, using the 300Watt TV 8 hours a day.

2) Our photos look stunning, in almost any screen, even old-fashioned laptop screens, compared to the best of prints.

3) It may be "tacky" for some, or "too avant guarde" but eventually, later in this century, that's what will be.

4) I thought of doing the same, except I would rather have a whole bunch or group of (roughly) 11x14" size screens, each with its own or identical show, than one monster TV in a single place in the house. But that gets complicated technically*, and potentially expensive.

* I wish someone technically astute could give (in such a forum) a treatise on how to best achieve this. (Hint: Wi-fi? Blue Tooth? or...?)

Number 4 is easy unless I'm misunderstanding your goal. You should install the photos that you want on each screen and set them to slideshow. You don't wifi or bluetooth. You just input the photos using a memory card or a USB memory stick.
I agree with number 2. LCD's have better contrast and color gamut because of the limitations of ink. That pales to a screens ability to shuffle through thousands of photos and show video.
I also agree with 3. For example, how many households spend more money on their tv than on wall hanging art. Screens are the future unless magical progress is made with ink.
I think oil paintings have a wider color gamut and more contrast than prints and they have more interesting texture. If I could draw I would spend more time painting and less time with a camera.

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