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Re: My approach to organization and DxO

NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

This is how I work with DxO PhotoLab (and before that, Optics Pro) specifically, and raw / original image files generally:

Not long after shooting, I make an initial cull of which images will make it into my permanent collection / archive. I keep an average of around 30% to 40%. If the camera can generate raw files, I keep only those; if it can only generate JPEGs I keep those; and if it is a Canon with the CHDK firmware I keep both the original JPEG and the nonstandard DNG raw file (which Lightroom will process but some other software will not). I have one folder for all of the original image files, with subfolders for each month, so e.g. for 2018 so far I have folders named "2018-01", "2018-02", and "2018-03", and these are just for the originals.

When I want to work on something, I create a project folder, usually on my desktop. I copy (not move!) the original image file from my archive into my project folder, then usually right-click it, choose open in DxO PhotoLab, edit,

This is what I suggested in my first post which is different than what I got out of your first post. I thought you were suggesting clicking on the photo when the OP was in the 20,000 image folder. Moving the file you want to work on to a folder created on your desktop is what saves the time and hassle of working within that huge folder. This is very workable for the Op. Thanks for clarifying.

then export as a 16-bit TIFF on Adobe RGB (since DxO's intermal space is only Adobe RGB, not ProPhoto RGB) if further editing may be necessary, or a JPEG in an appropriate-for-intended-use color space if not. If further editing is necessary, usually I do that in Affinity Photo, and then export from there. So if the project or whatever involves five images, I end up with a folder with maybe fifteen or twenty files: the raw files, the DxO sidecars with processing instructions, the DxO exports, and maybe some as-edited-in-Affinity exports. If I did really extensive edits in Affinity, then I'd save those in Affinity's native format.

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