My a6300 has become Jello

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Re: My a6300 has become Jello

Aerial Vision wrote:

Thanks for the feedback. I using the Manfrotto MVH500Ah tripod head and is VERY sturdy.

Well, yeah, it's a decent head, as long as you don't put too much stuff on it. What I like about it is that it's got that handy Manfrotto drop-in plate mechanism. Very nice.

All I need now is the legs, which I think should do the trick.

Well, the tripod in your link looked like some Chinese knock-off that is probably being sold with different brand name on other markets. Chances are it will do the job just fine, though. But like said, I have no experience with the product, so no comment.
You still need a half-ball for the 75mm bowl to attach the head, too, but I take it you've got that sorted already.

The MVH500 head is often paired with the lighter MVT502 tripod, and it usually comes with a 60mm adapter for the 75mm bowl, which is used with the MVH500 head. That tripod cost roughly about the same as the Chinese one, but it might be lighter.

On the other hand, whilst something like the Manfrotto 545 and 546 legs do cost more, they would be valid options as well. They'd also be a nice pair for a bulkier head (and a camera/lens), like the Nitro N8, if/when you decide to upgrade at some point. You can get the 545/6 sticks and the Nitro head combo for around $850 at B&H. That combo would be ideal for aerial shooting with longer lenses.

On the other end of the price scale there are fixed tripods like the Benro KH25/26, which are fairly nice for the price, as long as you don't put too much weight and bulk on them. Then, like we've established, there are some other nice options in between those two price points. There are quite a few beyond them, too, but in your case the sweet spot is probably within that range.

Photographers who shoot a lot with long lenses sometimes use gimbal heads, too, like the one by Gitzo, but that's probably not ideal for your needs. Anyway the option exists.

Centre columns are a pain for me, at least when filming at 210mm in heavy wind which I do weekly.

If you're shooting longer lenses in heavy wind, that's all the more reason to invest in proper support gear, and not settle for the cheapest option. Heavy wind + long lenses -> heavy tripod + good head.
When you invest in proper tripod, that investment will last you for decades. Your a6300 probably won't.

Hopefully everything works out.

Indeed. Good luck.

This is tricky.


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