Raw vs Jpeg challenge!

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Raw vs Jpeg challenge!


I´am new here and just beginning with fotografy.

Now I have been shooting in Raw and Jpeg mode so basicly have 2 files for each picture. What I noteced was that my Jpeg was a better quality picture than the one in Raw. Now I know that the Raw is a Raw image and that it needs to be proceced but I have used Luminar and SilkyPix to do some work on the raw formats but I´am unable to get the same quality picture as the one in Jpeg.

Now instead of having anoher thread with the discussion going on Raw is better blablabla (don´t need that in this thread) I have a challenge!

I have 2 files, one is jpeg and the other is the Raw file of the same picture from a black cat. Now if you want to take your time and show me and the other readers that you can indead get a better quality picture by processing the Raw file then please post the results here.

Here is the link to download the file:


(file is in zip format with the 2 files inside)


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