I predict, there will be a fuji FF.

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I predict, there will be a fuji FF.

I feel it in my bones that Fuji will come out with a FF within two years and here is why:



Okay, let's admit it, Fuji has said that they haven't had the "need" for a FF and they feel that at this point APS-C is all they need to do and they are happy with that, BUT, things are shifting quickly in the FF mirrorless market as we can see, specially with sony's latest A7III.

So, I seriously doubt that Fuji will simply keep their arms crosses and do nothing. Okay, their APS-C cameras rock, but they ain't FF when they comes to IQ specially for low light fast action purposes. The size issue is something that a lot of people don't care about and to me is perfectly cool as many have received the XH1 very very well, and there is absolutely nothing wrong in having different body options and sizes for different applications or photographer's needs. Fuji now has plenty of little cameras, and bigger cameras. Everybody is happy. So will you HATE and not buy a Fuji FF mirrorless if they make it?

I say that canon, Nikon and sony will push Fuji to make a FF as well. I think it is inevitable and for me that is a very good thing because I have always wanted a Fuji FF. I'm not interested in expensive slow MF cameras.  Fuji are experts in mirrorless and I don't see why they would have a problem in making a FF, in fact, they could get way ahead of canikon now if they make their move before canikon, who at this point are far behind.

Now, if Fuji is still working on that organic sensor and is cheaper for them to make that instead of a FF and if it has the same or better FF sensor capabilities then that's fine with me too

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