DXO Photolab DAM problem

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Re: DXO Photolab DAM problem

Joe Snow wrote:

I have been using the trial version of DXO photolab for more than a week. and yesterday I decided to work on some old photos.

The folder that has all the pictures includes almost 20K photos. and everytime I run DXO PL to pick a specific photo or double click the Raw file, it takes long time to load all the photos and then open the requested one.

I can see the counter of pictures read is going fast, but still we are talking about 20K files!

and since I'm not a big fan of DAM. Is there a way to disable the option of reading the whole folder that contain the requested photo?

I found that creating a new project and dragging the raw file there will let me do what I want. But is there any way to cancel that step?

Wow, 20K files in 1 folder!  It must take File Explorer some time to parse these each time you open it.

As others have said not something I would recommend but it is an individual choice.  However, you are liable to hit such problems as you see with DXO as no software developer is likely to be expecting that kind of storage strategy.


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