When Canon comes out with FF mirrorless, will it be high end or lower end?

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Re: When Canon comes out with FF mirrorless, will it be high end or lower end?

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One major gap currently seems to be Canon’s sensor readout speeds - which seems to be impacting ML AF speed, 4K, silent shooting and FPS. It remains unclear if there is a technology gap that is hard to close or an investment decision.

When NX2 came out Samsung executive was asked about heat generation. He said that in NX2 they had the most advanced processor and electronics, so even if they did 6K heat generation won't be an issue. So, I feel that there is a technology gap and maybe DPAF is making it harder. My feeling is that it is an investment decision, but I don't understand these well enough to be confident about me feelings.

Indeed... interesting that Samsung had that advanced semiconductor capability a few years back. And they had that Android camera as well - which would seem like such a natural fit today, what with increasing amounts of computational photography that is in vogue. I guess it is useful to remember that leading edge does not equal market success. Maybe Canon is waiting for the market and technology to mature a bit such that when they introduce the technology, it can be amortized over a larger run, and is lower cost.

It's a real pity that Samsung didn't continue in producing cameras. They had some very advanced technology and a very good 28 MP APS-C sensor. Nice lenses as well. Very promising for the future. Obviously the short-sighted economic guys in the management demanded immediate profit and the camera section couldn't deliver that.

Maybe they were actually far sighted. After all the photo industry isn't particularly healthy and if the current tends of smartphones stealing camera sales and camera customers continuing to age then maybe Samsung was the sensible one?

When I think a bit more, maybe you'e right. In fact I realise that I indeed own a Samsung camera, with a dual pixel sensor. It's called Galaxy S7.

But I was very interested in the Samsung camera line and close to buy a NX1 when rumours said that they would not continue their camera business. It was, though an APS-C camera, built like a mirrorless FF should be. A good evf, a substantial grip, the best sensor existing at that time, high burst rate, top plate display.

Now there are rumous about a NX2. A Samsung reentry would be nice for the competition. Maybe they see business opportunities now in a more mature mirrorless market than three years ago. Samsung is a company with enormous capacity both financially and technologically. If they decide to try cameras again it would be very interesting. And mirrorless FF seems to be the thing now.

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