Luminar 2018 - initial thoughts?

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Re: Luminar 2018 - initial thoughts?

physics52 wrote:

I did the preorder for Luminar 2018 thinking there wasn't much to lose, and they were making all kinds of promises. I fell for the hype. I think the software sucks and the company is fundamentally dishonest.

It takes about a minute to open a Fujifilm x-tran II raw file on a dual core i7 windows machine, a little better on a quad-core i7 mac mini. I've never experienced such a slow raw converter before. They say "200% faster" than their previous version. Well, the old one must have been a snail.

The web site claims "millions of photographers" are using Luminar. Really?

No sign of the catalog or file management upgrade so far and it is overdue. No explanations offered.

The company seems to emphasize the use of garish, gimicky presets.

They put quotes from cherry-picked reviews on their web site. But if you google for Luminar reviews, you will see that the kinds they put on their web site are few and far between.

Yes I bought 2017 Kinda liked it then fell for the 2018 pre-order. Well Im not feeling it for the 2018 version and the coming soon for DAM has me done with them. They will not get any more money from me. I will leave it on my mac for awhile but Im keeping my Photography bundle from Adobe because they delivered!

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