X100 vs X100F - going back to the start

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X100 vs X100F - going back to the start

About half a year ago I decided that my good old X100 was nearing its end of life.  I have spent the last 5 years with that camera, and together we went through good and bad (i.e. SAB repair) times.

So I jumped and upgraded straight from the X100 to the X100F.   And boy, that is such a refined camera.  Obviously, in the forth iteration there is not much that can be further tuned.  And the Xtrans III sensor promised high ISO without any regrets (i.e. waxy skin tones). And Acros and Chrome.

However, after a while I realised something - I just do not like the OOC JPGs from the X100F.  I am a JPG+RAW shooter - so most of the time I am happy with the JPG and just lightly adjust contrast or a little bit the brightness in post.  For more substantial changes I use the in-camera raw converter.

So I tried many settings, and I never got back the colors I got used to from the X100.  It is not just the tone curve, it issomewhat more subtle.  The images taken with the X100F (Provia) render very natural and realistic, whereas the ones from the X100 are less naturalistic, in fact a bit wrong.  but wrong in a very nice and pleasing way.   In the end I missed the X100 colors, and went back to the X100!

Not sure I can recommend this to everyone.  But maybe it is interesting for you to hear what I found useful in the X100F and what I - in the end- did not care much about (to my own surprise!):

Very useful in the X100F (vs X100)

- in camera charger - great!
- better battery meter
- red highlight peaking
- faster AF 
- exposure preview
- 24 MB resolution

Some "Nice to haves" but not really essential:
- joystick
- real time parallax correction in the OVF
But  there are also a lot of features in the X100F I did not at all care for:
- high iso:  I never use ISO higher than 1600 - so X100 works just fine!
- don't use WIFI
- not interested in Chrome, or Acros or any other film simulation mode, tend to stick with Provia or Astia. - both of which are perfect in X100
- easier to use flash in X100 (direct button!)
- don't use the split image/small preview window
- I wanted to like the face detection but this does not seem to work too reliably
- 1/3 aperture stops not needed for aperture priority
- the mechanical adjustment ring for the ISO
- X100F is a bit more fat and heavier than X100!
- I didn't use any of the advanced autofocus modes
- also did not really use the Q menu / button much
- most importantly, the tone curves and the colors of the OOC JPGS for Provia and Astia do not correspond to the friendly X100 color palette, which i prefer.
So once I made this list, I realised the X100F has way too many features that I don't need, and will most likely never use!  So the decision to let it go was easy.

But that is just my personal preference.   The X100F is of course a fantastically capable camera, much more so than the X100.  But for my uses the X100 really is just enough.
and the slowness of the camera is not a hindrance at all.

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