My a6300 has become Jello

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Re: My a6300 has become Jello

Aerial Vision wrote:

I totally agree.

I am currently looking into a better tripod (this one: any thoughts?)

I'm not familiar with that brand or model, but generally speaking you get what you pay for.

So I can't really comment much on the sticks alone. Maybe it's fine, but you'll need a proper head, too, anyway. It's probably cheaper to buy a ready combo with a matching video head. Which would probably be okay with the Sony and a decent sized lens.

Or, if you pair those sticks with something like the 75mm version of the Manfrotto Nitro head, that ought to be a fairly nice jiggle-resistant combo, even with a bulkier camera. At least the head will be.
I got to play with the Nitro head recently, and it was quite impressive. Steady but smooth moves and solid stand-still are a doddle even with bigger lenses, once you get used to it.

Although investing a grand or so in the Manfrotto Nitro combo would be a pretty nice option, too. I don't remember the model number of the tripod, but I'm sure they've got the 75mm Nitro combo in B&H, too. A clearly cheaper but still nice option would be the Sachtler Ace M combo, for example.

and I’ve just purchased a telephoto lens support (Manfrotto 293, requires 20cm of lens to work, which should be right as with lens hood at full length the 55-210 fits)

Looks nice. There are also a truckload of various rigs based on baseplates, rods and lens supports, which are adjustable for almost any lens. I'm not saying that solution is bad, I'm just mentioning some different options. I haven't used one, but the 293 looks pretty nice for the price, and a nice to have thing on a windy day with a camera like the a6300.

and the small rig cage off Amazon. Next time I go shooting I’ll also stick a massive weight to my centre column.

...provided that your next (video) tripod has one.
Also adding weight to an otherwise lightweight tripod cannot do much, anyway, and the size, sturdiness and construction of the head will matter, too.

Hopefully the body and lens supports should help keep everything steady. As for lenses, I’m happy with what I’ve got but maybe in a year or so I’ll move to the 70-200mm f4 G.

Any thoughts on all this?

Well, it certainly sounds like a better solution than trying to fix the wobbles in post digitally, and a good plan for telephoto shooting in general. As you already know, getting good telephoto shots on a windy day can be a bit of a challenge. It's not all about the gear, obviously, but investing in good support gear is a generally good idea a must. Which often isn't cheap.

Oh and one more thing, since you're talking about jiggles, ambitious goals with big lenses and a camera like the a6300, you might want to invest in a more rugged replacement lens mount, too.

I'm not 100% sure about it, but if my memory is serving me right, the consumer models like the a6300 are still using the regular two-piece E-mount which is not designed for big heavy lenses. The plastic ring underneath the metal ring of the a6300 may let the mount give in a little with a longer, heavier lens. It's not much of a problem with the smaller, lighter mainstream lenses, though. But start rigging the camera and use bigger lenses, it might become an issue.

They changed the lens mount design for the newer A7/A9 series models and the FS7/FS5 models and upwards, which are sporting a more rugged, one piece all metal lens mount ring that can handle a heavier load without budging.
There were/are two or three different versions of the replacement mount by Fotodiox, for example, and here's one:

Okay... wish me luck.

Good luck / Break a leg.
Happy shooting.

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