How often do you replace your SD cards?

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Re: Never.

Guy Parsons wrote:

fotografffic wrote:

I've used one of my Canon cameras for years because of it's small size, portability, decent image quality and features including zoom.

I've used the same SD card in it for the past seven years. I have not had one problem with the card, never! Every now and then I format it and, after heavy use, I do a low-level format.

Am I pushing my luck? Is it time to get a new SD card? How often do you replace your SD cards? Do new ones have decent reliablity?

Thank you!

The SD cards do theoretically have a finite life, they wear out with use.

To test that I put an SD card into a notebook and used it as the pre-fetch memory for Windows. It went for maybe 3 years flashing away all the time while using the notebook, it had equivalent of hundreds of years of camera use of write/read operations. still worked fine, is now in an old camera used occasionally. Still OK.

So forget about them wearing out.

Make sure that you buy from a proper source and have easy replacement if found to be faulty within the warranty period, or lifetime replacement for some brands. Do not buy from cheap eBay sources as they are most likely fakes and will not work well or will not be the stated capacity.

No need to do anything apart from an in-camera format when refreshing the card.

Do not use default Win/Mac formats, use only the proper SD Association format program from

Regards..... Guy

I never gave any thought to replacing old ones but I bet that you're right. Ordinarily memory gets a lot more of a workout than cards in cameras so with the level of use that they get wearing out is unlikely to be an issue. Less likely for me because even though I take my camera out a lot, I'm typically not put all that many images on it at a time.... so that my cards are very slow to fill up.

I always have extra cards with me wen I'm traveling so that if one does fail, I have backup, but it seems to me that I'm probably not putting enough images on these things for them to be likely to wear out in the first place...

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