How often do you replace your SD cards?

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Company policy as of last year is that all cards are given one year and disposed of.

But to put that in perspective we are putting over a million shots each summer into our library, which is aproximates 4 cards per summer. They seem to break down at between 500k and 1m. We didnt even get to the end of last summer before we ordered in 4 new cards to have the last two weeks of work worry free. (2xCf, 2xSd).

Got an old cf here from the 2016 season, last weekend it failed, corrupted images. In the bin it goes. Thought I might get away from my 1 year rule. Nope.

That is a lot of shots, does the camera survive the year as well or do you find they have to replaced.

Indeed,I wonder if the cameras are sold on or disposed of.

It sounds very corny, but the old Rebel that managed 370k ish and is still working (retired years ago), the twice repaired 50D (now broken) and the broken 7D are all in my display cabinet “a job well done boys”.

The 7D2s seem to be able to take even more of a beating, and Canon will repair them for a fraction of the cost of new, so thats the path we are taking there. As we retire the backup 7Ds next year I guess (if the 7d3 comes out), then those will go to the cabinet of “a job well done boys”. And the 7D2s become backups as we move to 7D3.

My personal 7D2 did die at 1.03m last August, I wrote a thread in the 7d forum here about it. Its since been repaired by CPS, new mirrorbox, and new shutter, and we will be back to ramming speed in a couple of months.

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