How often do you replace your SD cards?

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Re: Slow-level formatting

IR1234 wrote:

I’m going to bet that they have been mislabled at some point.

A format is simply an erase of the files and folders,

In my understanding a quick format just resets the file index, thus losing all the file addresses. The files are not touched and are still there to be recovered by recovery programs. Been there, done that a few times for others and myself. The SD Association format user manual says "It deletes all the file/directory entries by initializing file system parameters of the card, but does not initialize the data written in files."

and the full format is the partition table being erased and recreated.

A full format whether it be via Windows or via the official SD format programs writes to every area on the device, thus takes a hell of a lot longer. Again, the manual says "This option deletes file/directory entries by initializing file system parameters of the card, and erase all data by overwriting the user data area completely. This formatting option takes much longer time than Quick format depending on the card capacity."

There is no way a full format is the old school full format of writing zeros and looking for bad blocks as that would take a considerable amount of time.

They write all over and I guess if a write fails then that is logged as a bad sector, just like on a hard drive. That's why the full format of a 16G card takes 23 minutes and a quick format takes 4 seconds.

The Canon version as quoted is some swift quicky way of doing a bit more than a quick format but no way on earth could it ever be a proper full format.

For a real thrill try a full format or chkdsk of a 2 terabyte hard drive, then you get to know what slow is.

Regards..... Guy

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