Just a thought about why AF should not be the priority

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Just a thought about why AF should not be the priority

Here are the words of Sigma CEO in an interview. This part is about Foveon sensor.  The full interview is readable on some other website.

"Because they either do not care about the speed of autofocus, nor the speed of processing in general, because they are only concerned about the absolute picture quality. In terms of user profiles, Leica and Hasselblad's customers would be ideal for us."

He points it very well: the Leica and Hasselblad customers demands top image quality.  They ask for specialized tools.

Pentax customers SHOULD be listed too but they are not. Pentax was clear that they aim to the top image quality. But WE, the pentax community, continue asking "AF stuff"...

I think there is a gap between the brand aspiration in image quality and the fan base always wanting "mainstream" features.

No Leica users complains about the DNA of their brand, nor those from Hasselblad. But often, Pentax fan base complains based on argument like "Sony/Nikon/Fuji do this thing, not Pentax ... "

So why can't a lot of us be happy with the Pentax DNA? Why are some of us looking elsewhere for features that don't belong to Pentax DNA?

Pentax is smaller than a lot of other companies; so is it wise to ask them to spend money in AF and video rather than image quality, colors  and build quality (whose are true PENTAX DNA)? I don't think...

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