How often do you replace your SD cards?

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Re: How often do you replace your SD cards?

fotografffic wrote:

I've used one of my Canon cameras for years because of it's small size, portability, decent image quality and features including zoom.

I've used the same SD card in it for the past seven years. I have not had one problem with the card, never! Every now and then I format it and, after heavy use, I do a low-level format.

Am I pushing my luck? Is it time to get a new SD card? How often do you replace your SD cards? Do new ones have decent reliablity?

Thank you!

I used SD card since going digitalisation some 15+ years ago.

Still have the 256Mb SD (no class specification yet) which costed me >US$100 back then (the older smaller capacity cards were long gone), but must have to upgrade them during the years not because they failed, but spec requirement. I am so ended up with quite many old SD cards from no class, class 4, 6, 8 to 10 etc of 1Gb, 2Gbs, 8Gbs... .

Today I use 64Gb and 32Gb USH-I U3 class SD cards of min writing speed not slower than 60MB/s, costed me <US$30 for the 4K video and 30fps 4K high speed still shooting... Tomorrow if I shall upgrade to a newer/higher spec camera, USH-II (or faster) would start to be a norm and whenever I need to utilize those newer features, I must use faster cards...

For normal shooting most of the older class 6 or faster SD card could still be used, but the buffer clearing, writing speed etc would be barely usable for the newer models...

It is not an issue of reliability or quality of the card, but the advancement of technology of our camera needs a newer card.

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