My a6300 has become Jello

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Re: My a6300 has become Jello

Aerial Vision wrote:

Hi guys,

My Sony a6300 is great, but I’m filming in windy conditions (on a tripod) so even though the camera is visibly moving, tiny micromovements have a huge impact on the rolling shutter.

There are actually different kinds of jellovision, and rolling shutter is just one culprit.

On one hand the a6300 is infamous for its rolling shutter issues, and on the other hand digital stabilisation is another common source of wibbly-wobbly video.

The kind of jiggle and heaving you get when shooting on a windy day with a flimsy tripod and long lens, for example, will be baked into the image and transformed into wobbly lines and other such unpleasantries by a typical digital stabiliser.

The stabilisers may be able to reduce –or hide– certain kind of movement fairly nicely, but not all sorts of movement, and the better tools aren't cheap. Not much point in relying solely on stabilisers, especially digital ones.

Therefore a heavier and/or sturdier tripod is actually not a bad suggestion at all. Along with using a collar with bigger, heavier lenses and adapters, if they don't have one built in. That will probably provide better looking video than fiddling with the digital band-aids.
Just sayin'.

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