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Re: MF without overheating

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I wouldn't mind a MF Quattro body

One only has to look at the sdQ/H to see that....a digital "mini medium format"- much less a true 645 format- will be virtually impossible for the foreseeable future.

There are 2 problems ....(2) processing the data from the sensor.

There are several threads and more comments about the sdQ/H overheating, ....Given the overheating issues in the sdQ/H, which is 3x smaller in area than that 645d/Z sensor and approximately 1.7x LARGER in area than a "regular" Foveon sensor, any version of a Sigma medium format will never happen without some major technological breakthroughs- before even considering lenses.

One thing Sigma could do to eliminate overheating is to simply save the raw files with zero processing.

Or simply go with bigger, cleaner pixels? 25.5MP Foveon pixels is already a lot, why not make them better?

That means no back screen, no EVF. Fixed-prime-lens cameras (dp range) with top-mounted optical sight. The only ILC solutions would be DSLR or rangefinder, with attendant focusing issues.

The other option is minimal processing to save time and heat. Just read the top layer, maybe binned 2x2, and throw a low-res mono image to the EVF and back screen, for purpose of framing and focusing.

This is a solved problem, Foveon has native binning functionality that has been used to drive live view LCD when Sigma had far less powerful processors at hand than today.

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