What is your end game ?

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What is your end game ?

I'm curious !

How many here , make a living from Photography ? Ive been on this website for many years. Ive seen all the arguments and reasoning to upgrade. Ive seen some very dramatic photographs. While my personal standards are  low, compared to photographic excellence, pixel peeping etc. I'm a very happy photographer.

I dont see many professional photographers posting here over the years and doubt anyone could name a regular poster here who makes a living from photography.

IM trying not to make this too wordy. But to evoke a discussion on your end game,. and not to evoke any trash talk, or controversy.

End game, for me has always been the fun of the gear, and the memory captured, and much less about the photographic excellence. I dont pixel peep, and the photos I share with family and friends are not received as enthusiastically as I view them . Since none of my family or friend know little or nothing about photography, their attention to detail is non  existent and from them, and their attention span is short lived and only governed by courtesy.  its only about the event or the memory. I dont think anyone ( or very few ) would say they show off their photos with the same passion as they are received.. Family and friends do not pixel peep. Would not know the difference between a well composed photograph and one that was not. I'm always concerned about ramming too many of my  photos down someone's  throat. Of course my best audience are other amateur photographers like myself. How many of those are in your personal orbit outside of a photographic forum ?

So my question is what do you do with your photos ? if you are like me, your biggest critic is yourself. If you are like me,  you like the gear, buy what you can afford, only for the fact that you can, and not to drive  a profession , but a hobby. Is it important for you to have the latest and greatest? Is your motivation to do so, an ego thing, If coming here to show off photographic excellence is your motivation.. its really hard to see it on a Computer monitor.. Although higher quality photographic can be viewed from a relative point of view.

Some people here enter challenges, but most do not. I doubt anyone could tell the difference from viewing a photograph taken from a high end cell phone, from an entry level DSLR, to a 5000 dollar camera, on their computer monitor. of course better gear afford more opportunities under challenging situations.

So my question is, what is "your" end game?

Bill   ( sorry it was longer than I wanted. )

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