Powershot S100 strange 'Lens error', cannot fix it

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Re: Powershot S100 strange 'Lens error', cannot fix it

OpticsEngineer wrote:

Lens error on the S100 and similar cameras is a known problem. Quite a few thread on it over the years. For instance this one.



I know the camera is outside the free repair period. But Canon still might do a free repair. The way corporations work is an amount of money is set aside called "warranty reserve" If expected returns are less than expected number sometimes money is still there and they will pay out. Ford once fixed the air conditioner in my car even though the warranty was nine months expired. When I asked a Ford engineer about it later he explained warranty reserve to me. It was kind of a similar situations. More problems than planned for occurred and some extra funds were set aside. Then the fund wasn't depleted as fast as expected but the decision had already been made to spend the money until depleted.

Agree very common problem I have seen described in numerous places.  Seems like a very easy DIY fix to me.  Can't remember if it was on youtube or a blog where I saw the DIY procedure but there are good descriptions on how to fix.  The little connector comes unconnected and you simply reconnect it.  I would put a little glue on it to keep it from coming off again.  Personally I wouldn't be afraid to DIY.  I've taken off the cover to fix little things many times on Canon elphs/point and shoots.  Just go slow and don't lose the little screws.

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