Comparison Chart - a7III / a7RIII / a7RII / a9

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Re: Comparison Chart - a7III / a7RIII / a7RII / a9

Is the AF area figure on the A7R2 in your nice listing really correct? I've seen numbers around 60% coverage.

Also, I think one can map an AF-ON button on the A7RII to a custom button if I remember correctly.

If you with AF Zone Multi Selector mean the Joystick, then the A7RII can have a similar function mapped to the regular "wheel dial" on the back and using the four button in the wheel to move the AF point around and toggling to the normal function on the button in the middle.

Also, one thing that is missing in almost all features comparisons I've seen, is AF speed.
I know it is hard to get any values on that since there doesn't seem to exist any publicized figures from any one that I have seen, but this is one thing that confuses people to believe that the A7III and the A9 have the same good AF. They do in amount of AF points but not in processing speed of the incoming AF data where A9 has much better and faster processing and also therefor tracks much better on fast objects.

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