How often do you replace your SD cards?

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Re: How often do you replace your SD cards?

fotografffic wrote:

I've used one of my Canon cameras for years because of it's small size, portability, decent image quality and features including zoom.

I've used the same SD card in it for the past seven years. I have not had one problem with the card, never! Every now and then I format it and, after heavy use, I do a low-level format.

Am I pushing my luck? Is it time to get a new SD card? How often do you replace your SD cards? Do new ones have decent reliablity?

Thank you!

Not sure what you mean by low level format, but generally you should only ever do quick formats on flash memory, full formats wear them out for no reason.

A reasonably guide is that when recording FHD video, a typical SD card can record continuously for about 1 year before it starts to wear out, slow down and have problems.   If you are recording 24/7 then replace it after 1 year, but for a normal photo camera you never need to worry.

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