Best Interchangeable Shoulder Strap to Wrist Strap and Back?

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Re: Best Interchangeable Shoulder Strap to Wrist Strap and Back?

Edward Chatlos wrote:

Eric Jacobs wrote:

When you say "they sheared off," are you saying that the triangular clips cut through the loops of the Peak Design links? If so, is it because the triangular clips have sharp ends to the wire they're made from?

I was in a store yesterday looking at the Peak Design straps and came close to buying one.

You don't use either triangle or round metal rings. You Attach the P D Anchor Links directly through the strap lugs on the camera body.

Go over to the Peak Design website and take look at how you are supposed to use their strap system.

This didn’t answer my question. What is it about the triangular clips supplied by Fuji that’s causing a problem? Do they fray the Peak Design loop material more than the lugs would alone? If so, is it because the triangles are formed from wire that has a sharp end where it’s cut to length before being shaped into a triangle? That’s the only thing I can see that might cause a problem.

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