2007 Hasselblad: does it hold up? Many RAWs available.

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Re: 2007 Hasselblad: does it hold up? Many RAWs available.

marcio_napoli wrote:

Erik Kaffehr wrote:


Obviously, lenses matter a lot. The Hasselblad 39 MP back was 37x49 mm, I think, while the Pentax is somewhat smaller at 44x33 mm. That would possibly give the Hassy some advantage.

Hi Erik,

Allow me to jump in because this is interesting and a common misconception.

With DMF, bigger sensor not always means better.

I've tried two 48x36 sensors (P45+ and my Leaf Aptus) and two 44x33 (P40+ and H3d-31).

On High ISO, both 44x33 were better by a mile.

And strictly on DR, the 44x33 P40+ was easily the best of the bunch.

Normally bigger is better, but sensor tech is all over the place with older DMF.

Some smaller sensors have microlenses, while bigger sensors don't.

Different cooling systems from different brands, which I assume has some impact in thermal noise? (example Leaf uses a fan behind the sensor, while Phase allows the sensor to sleep between shots).

I used a lot this 31mp Hassy while I waited for my Leaf Aptus arrival.

When it arrived, I was very surprised to see my bigger sensor had less performance than the 44x33 Hassy.

Colour is decided by the color filter array sitting in front of the sensor, the sensor itself is monochrome, in combination with the colour profiles used in the raw converter.

Hasselblad has Phocus and it seems that Phocus is much respected for excellent colour. Pentax would probably used with Lightroom or ACR. So, it would not benefit from Hasselblad's profiles.

The Kodak sensors were actually quite tricky. Some landscape photographers had pretty much problems with say the P45+ (Phase One's version of the 37x49 mm 39 MP Kodak sensor), and felt relieved when the P65+ arrived. The Dalsa sensors were more mainstream.

Yes, Dalsa sensors were very good.

I have a direct comparison (side by side) with the P40+ (44x33 Dalsa) vs D800.

It's mostly a tie.

P40+ wins on some aspects, D800 wins on anothers.

In case anyone cares, I can share that comparison.

Kodak sensors were nice too, they certainly have loads of "character", but usually they're not the best on measurable performance.

(take the above statement with a grain of salt. I've not tested all Kodak sensors! )

Best regards,
Marcio Napoli

Hi Marcio,

Thanks for jumping in...

My comment about the sensor size was with regard to lenses, and comparing Hasselblad to Pentax 645D with regard to lenses. I also think the Pentax 645D uses a Kodak sensor.

Best regards


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