Orion with astrotracer miscalibration fix

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Re: Some more tests

chris gunn wrote:

GimbalLock wrote:

A few years ago I did some tests of the accuracy of the magnetic compass in the OGPS-1 mounted on a K-5, and it COULD be pretty accurate, if you were lucky during the calibration. Sometimes you had to redo it a number of times before getting a good reading 360 degrees around.

Then I got the K1 and unfortunately the electronic compass (in at least my copy) is not as precise. I guess it’s due to the sensor being closer to the SR mechanism which is full of powerful magnets. Even the flip out screen interfere with the compass, move the screen around and the compass bearing changes (in certain directions). Not an ideal situation since the flip screen is very nice to use when aiming for the sky.

So I made a device that could be attached to the hot shoe, a knob with a couple of tiny magnets. By rotating this knob I could set whatever heading I wanted.

That sounds awesome!

Pics please. Mechanism, and some results would be nice!

Well first of all it isn't pretty. It's only a proof of concept contraption built of things I had laying around. At both ends of the metal rod there are tiny magnets. I didn't want to use something to strong and risk magnetizing the whole camera. They are just strong enough to work.

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