Fuji XF OIS Lenses with the IBI of XH-1

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Fuji XF OIS Lenses with the IBI of XH-1

This thread is seeking input and observations from XH-1 owners who have shot with the XF OIS lenses -- 10-24, 18-55, 55-200, 100-400 and 80 this first week since the camera's release.  It's only been a few days, but has anyone really tried to get a feel for this?

We all know that the Fuji non-OIS primes benefit hugely from the IBIS of the XH-1.  All you have to do is look through the viewfinder indoors for 5 seconds in order to observe that rock-steady little square focus point.  It freezes.  It is better than the best OIS lens.  No OIS lens freezes the scene like that.  I think it is more than 5 stops in my hands.  I of course can't prove that.  It is just a feel based on decades of non-IBIS shooting.  I can see the difference immediately and feel the stops -- and it more than 5 with me.  I say 7.  I always felt that OIS in lenses gave me about 3.  IBIS > OIS.  But what about when they are added together?

What about the 80 and those XF primes with OIS?  Fuji says on some of them it might add an additional stop or two worth of stability when you add together the IBIS and OIS.

But no one really knows.  We just don't know.  With the non-OIS lenses we can immediately see the effect of IBIS.  It is huge. But when you slap on an OIS lens, it is hard to see a difference.  But I haven't really tried it much yet with my Fuji OIS lenses.  I am too mesmerized by the IBIS effect on my primes and the Brick.

But can you guys tell a difference with the OIS lenses added to the IBIS?  Can you feel it?  When Jerry slaps on his 100-400 and OIS is added to the IBIS, can he tell by looking and feeling through the EVF if additional stability is obtained?  Is it obvious?

When you macro shooters play with your 80 on the XH-1, can you see an additional stability gain of the OIS + IBIS?

There is a chance that there is no additional benefit. Or maybe we get a stop or two more.

We can't scientifically prove this in our homes with the new IBIS of the XH-1.  But can you see / feel a difference with the OIS lenses when mounted to the IBIS system?

Greg Johnson, San Antonio, Texas

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