How long till Canon leapfrogs Nikon again?

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Re: How long till Canon leapfrogs Nikon again?

Yake wrote:

SmilerGrogan wrote:

Has anyone figured out the scheduling of when Canon and Nikon trade dominance in the higher-end camera market?

To me it's an obvious example of an informal keiretsu, because over and over Canon comes out with a camera that blows away Nikon (like the 5DII for instance) and then after a year or two Nikon responds with a camera that torpedoes Canon (like the D3s or the D850).

Right now it's Canon's turn to release a camera that will leapfrog over the D850/D5; what I can't figure out is when to expect it. Will we see it in the next year? Or is 2019 more likely?

The D5 doesn't need leapfrogging. It has about the same dynamic range as the 6D. Art Morris switched from Canon to the D5 — made a big deal about it — and the D5 failed on him. Totally failed. Had to send it back.

Yes, but he is getting a new one. This could happen to any camera.

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