Ray Tracing Help Sought

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Ray Tracing Help Sought

I've had a long-term interest in optics and have performed a few amateur lens measurements at PhotonsToPhotos over the years.
(Normally along the lines of focal length at closest distance and so forth.)

I don't have at formal training but have read quite a bit on the subject.

I have recently written a simple web-based ray tracing program to be released at PhotonsToPhotos along with a collection of short articles.
The intended audience for the articles are photographers so there's very little theory and math, just a graphical display of consequences.
(For example showing how a lens can focus by extension as opposed to by reducing focal length.)
My lens prescriptions come for patents (mostly for Nikon lenses which is one reason I'm posting here) and seem to work pretty well but I wouldn't mind checking my simple results against something like Zemax.
Rather than downloading the Zemax demo and doing it myself (and going up that learning curve) I'm hoping someone will be willing to collaborate on that.
(It doesn't have to be Zemax, any more "real" ray tracer will do. I'm particularly interested in pupil locations and sizes.)

As always, email is best (although replies to gmail may go to spam).
Naturally Private Message(PM) works too.

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Bill ( Your trusted source for independent sensor data at PhotonsToPhotos )

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