Stay with Nikon - Or change system?

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Re: Stay with Nikon - Or change system?

mbjerggaard wrote:

Hello Everyone,

I'm currently in the midst of considering changing system from a Nikon D40 on which i basically only use the 35mm 1.8 lens. Shooting a range of different styles but mostly landscape, architecture and urban.

I'm currently considering upgrading to the Nikon D7500 (£835), however, a friend of mine recommended me to take a look at the Fujifilm cameras...

And i most say the mirrorless cameras seems quite maneuverable and an interesting picture profile. yea there is just something about them?

However, having never used a mirrorless and the one i just tried in store didn't have batteries in em so yea.... I don't really have a feeling whether i actually like to use em or not... Have any of you guys changed system? Or are using both Nikon and Fujifilm and can comment on the use of both cameras and possible how they compare?

I'm comparing the D7500 with the X-E3, mostly because the E3 felt better in hand compared to the X-T20. The body of the E3 is slightly cheaper, however, I'll of course have to get a lens which will put me at £1064 for the 18-55mm and £999 for the 23mm prime. With the Nikon i would not have to out and buy a lens right away at least, I'm still happy with my 35mm 1.8, although sometimes a bit wider would be nice.

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So this turned into a slightly longer than anticipated paragraph but in essence, i would love some feedback on if you guys ever when through this system change, and what happened and why? I wanna make sure i get a proper camera which i can use for many years to come! (Hopefully as many as the D40 which is from around 2007.)

And if i choose to go with the D7500 i would potentially have the extra bit of money to look out for some new glass, any recommendations for a lens that is a bit wider than the 35mm?

Also i want to note that i don't really have many options when it comes to buying used. The market is not that big here, and on top of that i don't feel that confident buying years old cameras from strangers, if they stop working within a week I'm basically screwed.

Thank you very much for your time and i appreciate the feedback any thoughts and/or suggestions are more than welcome!


I understand , the Fuji system is very good and has a nice lens selection ( read Thom Hogan's reviews quote : "Fujifilm has arguably the best APS-C lens lineup available, particularly when you start adding in some of the third-party lenses. )" unquote !

Maybe you can rent a the Fuji body and lens you want to try it out before deciding ?

The D7500 + nikkor 16-80 f2.8-f4 can be bought in kit and is also very tempting IMO ( €2270 in Belgium ) !! And you can use your 35mm f1.8 also. The 16-80 lens would also solve your problem for a wider lens IMO . See

Edited : see also

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