Where from here: Some thoughts about the competition

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Where from here: Some thoughts about the competition

Read a couple of threads on the MFT forum regarding the SONY A7 III. Similar pricepoint compared to the E-M1 II, which was being sold for 1.999,00 on the B&H website and now enjoys a 300.00 "instant saving". Also the camera is not really new as such.

Within that thread IBIS was mentioned, originally the domain of Olympus and to a lesser degree Panasonic. The question was:

What does MFT offer over this SONY? The X-H1 was also mentioned as to how Fuji now also has IBIS. Which leaves Olympus with a bunch of so-so lenses plus some very good, but pricey ones, also very large.

So if you now compare some competition here you would be looking at (current B&H):

  • SONY A7 III plus 25/2 and 85/1.8 Batis = 1999+1199+999 = 4.197,00
  • FUJI X-H1 plus 16/1.4 and 56/1.2 = 1899+999+999 = 3.897,00
  • Olympus E-M1 II plus 12/1.4 Pana and 45/1.2 = 1699+1397+1199 = 4.295,00

So Olympus the most expensive here. The lenses mentioned here are what I would consider bread & butter for what I do.

Since in many cases the choice of gear is defined by your resources, the above mentioned gives some idea where this could be going.

Both Fuji and Olympus have a couple of options here to reduce the allover impact of the first money layout:

  • Olympus Pen-F would reduce the total Oly to 999+1397+1199 = 3.595,00
  • Fuji X-T2 would reduce the total Fuji to: 1599+999+999 = 3.597,00
  • Fuji X-T20 would reduce it to: 899+999+999 = 2.897,00

When people then buy one of the above they will then find out the differences which might or might not fit the bill for them - and then maybe Musical Chairs will start.


Smaller sensors have in the past lured people into leaving full frame, but the above list is far from conclusive in terms of weight savings:

  • SONY A7 III plus 85/1.8 Batis 625+371 = 996 grams
  • Fuji X-H1 plus 56/1.2 673+405 = 1078 grams
  • Olympus E-M1 II plus 45/1.2 574+410 = 984 grams

camerasize.com :

So why would one pick one over the other (IBIS not mentioned here as it seems to be similar on all 3 models)?

  • Pro SONY: Full frame, 0.78 viewfinder 15-stops DR, AF (in particular eye AF!!!) battery best of all current mirrorless cameras! High ISO.
  • Pro Fuji: Excellent lens lineup, fabulous sensor, user interface
  • Pro Olympus: HighRes mode, light painting with develop as you go mode, focus stacking

What is not so hot:

  • SONY: lenses patchy, some enormously large, user interface not everybody's cup-a-tea, banding could be an issue
  • FUJI: Weight for an APS-C, battery performance only meh, some functions need the grip (adding even more weight)
  • Olympus: Terrible menus and user interface, smallest sensor, fast glass very expensive and heavy

So FUJI not badly placed here, but what could be held against them is the elephant in the room, the FF of the SONY now near enough to the same pricepoint.

So where from here for Fuji?

  • Watch the competition, leaving IBIS out of the X-T3 possibly not the best idea.
  • Don't give up the user interface, a BIG one for many - including myself so mitts off the PSAM!!!!
  • Add a couple of things that might lure more people over e.g. a "clever" swivel screen on the X-Pro2, add a swivel screen to the X-E3
  • Definitely make the EVF larger on the smaller cameras, the GX8 Panasonic had an 0.78x magnification in a swivel EVF (WOULD love this but don't want to be too greedy!!) Ask the engineers to come up with something!
  • Add a couple of lenses so instead of having a large system only - and a second one for travel etc - offer BOTH e.g. a new 18/2 WR, 16/2.0 WR and maybe 135/2.8 WR.
  • Work smart and hard on your AF, rent a SONY and check out how this is done re eye AF, that is truly fabulous stuff!!

Exotic stuff:

  • The already mentioned swivel EVF
  • Alternatively an add-on like for the GFX mid-format
  • Modular X-Pro2 style where the left hand side of the camera can either accommodate a swivel EVF or optical viewfinder.

I only feel a bit sorry for Olympus as the box of tricks they had is already being used up.

Panasonic already found its little niche with their emphasis on video, so I think they will be safe for a while.

What do you think? Watching other companies also - or not really??


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