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Re: Affinity Photo's Shadows and Highlights Slider

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Mark I see that you are using Canon Cameras and I'm wondering if you've tried their own Raw software DPP ?

Hey, Dareshooter,

Yes, I have tried the Canon DPP4 software and liked the UI very much, but my laptop cannot run the software without locking up.

Methinks the DPP4 is too resource-hungry for my machine.

That's a shame as DPP is now a really good converter. I've been using Lightroom as my front end over the past three years but over the past couple of weeks I've been trying out DPP and DXO 11 while they are all impressive I prefer the output from DPP. Just wish it had local adjustments similar to Lightroom.

I really did like the DPP4 program once I figured out the UI, especially with the cool DAM.

Perhaps in the future, when I can afford a killer laptop, I will give DPP4 another shot.

You mentioned local RAW Affinity Photo, the RAW converter offers overlays by way of an overlay brush tool and an overlay gradient tool, both of which allow you to localize RAW adjustments via precision masking.

I used the overlay gradient tool to mask the sky, in my above post of the photinia hedge image comparison.

I've tried Affinity a couple of times and while it offers value for money it's not yet anywhere near good enough to replace Photoshop and it's raw conversions are a bit of a mess. If I need local adjustments I can go to ACR or Lightroom so no problem for me there but only time will tell if I'll make the switch to using DPP instead of Lightroom as my front end. Got a new camera arriving today ( Canon 200D/SL2 ) so I'll be putting DPP and Lightroom through their paces over the next week or so.



Is this a sample of people not used to change? they always compare what they know to something new.


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