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Re: Affinity Photo's Shadows and Highlights Slider

lilBuddha wrote:

Dareshooter wrote:

I've tried Affinity a couple of times and while it offers value for money it's not yet anywhere near good enough to replace Photoshop

This is a personal evaluation, not one applicable to everyone. It depends on what features one needs/wants. Affinity is, at worst, like a few versions old PS.

I've been using photoshop for almost twenty years  and affinity doesn't get close to any of them.  It is early days yet though and as I said good  good value for money and I'm hopeful that it will get better over time.

and it's raw conversions are a bit of a mess.

Not as strong as possible? Yes. "mess"? no. The RAW is not up to my needs, but I have been using a dedicated RAW processor since before I started using it. And that is still what I recommend to anyone wishing to get the most flexibility from their RAW images, regardless of the IE preferred.

Sorry to disagree but if you need to push shadows it will result in an ugly mess.

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