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jacketpotato wrote:

SDKat wrote:

Made me furious that I gave away my Olympus C-720

Kat im curious re Oly C-720. Did it have excellent macro. Im on the lookout for a quality macro compact tele end.

Ive had Oly compacts https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4243121

I have a C-750 now, and an SP-620, and an FZ80.  The 720 took great macros, I was shooting plants in the yard, and it wasn't until put the pix on my 24 inch monitor that I realized I'd caught an ant walking up a stem, and I could see it's legs and antenn easily.  I was amazed.  I expect the 750 to do as well. Sprng is almost here, now that we've had a little rain.

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