Hot pixel mapping for the C-2100 UZ works!

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Re: It woiks! It woiks!

stevegriz wrote:

I am having problems. The program connects and I get the following
Firmware: v352u-73
SN: 00000001

Obviously the SN is incorrect. When I read it gives me 0 and when I
tell it to remap it takes 60 sec and says it is done but the
shutter keeps clicking. I stop it and turn the camera off and back
on and reconnect and it still says 0.

Just try it again - it should work then. The program is obviously trying to communicate with the camera, but can't get the remapping command through.

This similar repetitive clicking (not from the shutter I think) often occurs also with other software - like the Pine Tree camera controller, and it happens when the computer tries and tries to communicate with the camera.

With the remapping program there should be a clearly different kind of "click" to be heard: the shutter closes first and after ten seconds or so it will open once again when everything is done. Now you should get a report of the remapped pixels on your screen.


Vesa T. Korhonen
Corhoin Wizardonik Customworks, Finland

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