Why are Canon printers so cheap?

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Re: Why are Canon printers so cheap?

But the ink simply disappears quickly despite not printing much. I don't know how people claimed they got 20 - 30 A3+ prints in one set of ink!

Red River Paper ran a test with a Pro-10, and they used the equivalent of 15.2 ink cartridges to print 200 copies of the Atkinson test print at 8x10 inches. See http://www.redrivercatalog.com/cost-of-inkjet-printing-canon-pro-10.html. That means you'd get about 65, 13x19 inch prints with 15.2 ink cartridges, or about 43, 13x19 inch prints with a set of 10 ink cartridges. This of course assumes that all cartridges are consumed at the same rate--they are not, depending on your image content and chroma optimizer use.

So where is your ink going? You say you're

not printing much

which I take it means making a print or two and then letting the printer sit for an extended time before making another print. It may well be that the self-cleanings that this inactivity triggers are consuming more of your ink than you're actually putting onto prints. If you're getting fewer than 20, 13x19 inch prints per set of ink cartridges, then probably 55+% of your ink is going to self-cleanings and only 45% or less onto prints.

OEM Pro 10/100 ink is simply unaffordable for non-professional users.

Using Red River Paper's consumption figures but the current B&H price of $134.99 for a full set of 10 cartridges (Red River's numbers are based on $14.99 per cartridge, not $13.50), and a printed area of 12x18 inches to equal the Costco size you mentioned, that works out to $2.73 of ink per print. Add to that $1.00 for a sheet of Canon Luster or Semigloss 13x19 inch paper, and you're at $3.73. Granted for most people at least some ink will go to self-cleanings. But if you keep ink used for self-cleanings down to a third of your total ink use, your cost only goes to $5.10 for a 12x18 inch image on 13x19 inch paper.

Otherwise,12x18 print at Costco is only $4 for layperson.

Costco is a good choice for many. But (1) as already pointed out, the only reason it would be substantially cheaper is because you don't print often and thereby consume a lot of your ink on self-cleanings. (2) My local Costco is closing its in-store print lab in April 2018, apparently as part of a national trend. (3) I like to have the control and instant gratification of printing at home. But go with whatever works for you.

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