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tasad wrote:

wam7 wrote:

tasad wrote:

wam7 wrote:

tasad wrote:

No , I've never applied for challenges host...

Maybe you should...

Maybe in the future...

I've stopped entering/voting in challenges about 5 years ago. I only still try to make the challenges a fair competitions...

Yes, I noticed that a while back. You certainly know how to take a picture so you could be a perfect substitute for RuthC. In my opinion you should apply but I am not the arbiter of your time so it is easy for me say.

I've stopped participation in challenges as a protest , because DPreview Admins promises regarding a "reform" of the challenges system - never materialized. So , from my side : no submissions , no votes , no hosting ... just boycott.


Seeing as how on account of because you haven't made it a motion, I'll simply ask some questions.

Who are the moderators for the challenges, and, for this forum?  Other forums post the names of moderators.  That their names aren't posted leads me to think that DPR doesn't have any, although, the header speaks to the effect of their presence, and it speaks "volumes (?)" of DPR's commitment to an excellent venue.

I nominate you for "challenge discussions moderator."  And, I nominate you for the "challenges co-moderator."  I don't think that you would be precluded from entering challenges since you are not a host even though you'd function in a very powerful position.  Given your predilection to fairness in busting miscreants, I'd trust you to make fair decisions, and now you'd have some awesome tools in netting "the sandbag trolls."

So, maybe DPR thought that "hosts" would do a good job policing the forum, but, they have hosts intimating that they may comment in on-going, voting phase challenges, as is evident in the former "conan's" actions, and one of the co-hosted challenges.  It would however be nice if you had a co-Moderator spot in "challenges."

Now, I've seen challenge hosts occasionally entering other challenges with fantastic images, but, some of us are, quite simply, out of the league.  I agree with the rule that they shouldn't enter their own challenges, albeit I've already posted an infraction in that idea. Hosts should get to make life miserable for nascent photographers by doing that, but, they should also be put on the spot with an occasional "host-only" challenge, which would give the forum some credibility.

And, for that idea, I nominate you as the very first "host-only" challenge host, in a very first "host-only challenge."  You'd have the instrumentation necessary to keep them honest, which isn't honestly done in the challenges.  (No need for me to sling mud here by naming some of them, since we are not into gossip.)

The effect of just such an exclusive challenge is that we'd have a model for rules exhibition which then could be "followed" by nascent hosts.  The rules would be ubiquitous/uniform, and yet, depending on the proclivities of some current hosts for an affinity to their subjects, they'd have an easy "in," and, a clear modification of the rules, that entrants couldn't challenge because then they'd get to . . . .

Boycott, or not, . .

Happy Sunday


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