D850 resolution really shows with Tamron/Sigma 150-600's

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Re: D850 resolution really shows with Tamron/Sigma 150-600's

nuclearjock69 wrote:

The tamron 150-600 G2 was soft on my D850 up to f/8 which was unacceptable to me. I owned both the Tamron and the Nikon at the same time, the Nikon 200-500 is clearly the superior of the two lenses. Sold the Tamron a long time ago. Very happy with the Nikon 200-500. Very sharp @ f/5.6.

I, along with people who test lenses for a living, have performed the same test. As apparently has the OP. The Nikon is sharper (Not close to a stop sharper but slightly sharper up 300mm) both lenses are near identical at 400mm (and both 5.6) and the Tamron is actually slightly sharper at 500mm. Neither are soft, unless there is something wrong with them. To get something that looks noticably better than either lens you need a long prime or maybe the new 180-400. Of course the Tamron goes to 600mm.

The Nikon has slightly better VR (The Tamron is still very good) but doesn't focus as fast. It is also a fatser 5.6 at 500mm. The Tamron is noticeably smaller and lighter which is why I chose it. If they were the same size and weight I would probably have gone with the Nikon for other reasons but 20% more reach is a plus.

Both are real bargains especially the Nikkor. There was a shortage of the Nikon for a while, there now seems to be a lot of used ones out there, I don't think that has anything to do with any issues just it was so relatively cheap, for what it delivered, so a lot of people picked one up to see if it could be used in their shooting.

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