Quick fix: Is the backlight stripe noise really a major problem?

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The Quick fix: How to do it!

This is the less time-consuming Quick Fix I could figure out when using Photoshop. Note that my goal is not to make a perfect retouch, just to fix the problem with as little effort as possible.

Here is how I didi it:

  • Copy the picture to a new layer, use Layer blend mode: Darken
  • Make a selection for the trouble area. I used the Lasso tool.
  • Add some feather - Select and Mask is great
  • Copy and paste the trouble area beneath the image, and move it just a few pixels to the left or right

Then the stripes should be pretty much gone.

One could also slightly blur the new layer a bit, smoothing out lines and finest detail. Also, to avoid that the underlying layer affect our image, we probably could make this layer a tad brighter, to avoid the Darken mode to affect other areas than just the stripes.

For me this probably will be a okay fix if thes problem occur in less critical areas of the picture, and sometimes even for critical areas, like the face here.

I am sure others will find other soultions that works well!

Left: The top layer. Right: The layer under the top layer.

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